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About Zouk

Zouk literally means ”party” in the Creole language. If you hear zouk beats, you immediately know why. Refreshing uptempo melodies combined with groovy drums make zouk instrumentals perfect to dance to. The zouk genre was introduced in Guadelope and Martinique by a band called Kassav’. Zouk music is influenced by other music genres such as Kompa and Soca.

Zouk Love

When the zouk genre became more popular, subgenres began to evolve. Zouk love is a subgenre that combines the grooviness of zouk beats with romance. It’s not only slower, but also softer and more sensual.


Zouk love became more popular under the name Kizomba in Portuguese speaking African countries such as Angola. Dancing plays a big role in the popularity of kizomba. The dance style is known for the close partner connection and smooth movements to the rhythmic kizomba instrumentals. Lower body movements, influenced by the tango, make it very sensual and attractive to watch. Immigrants from Angola introduced the genre to Europe and started opening kizomba dance clubs in Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries. This made kizomba music also more popular amongst white people.

Want to make a zouk kizomba song?

The zouk beats you find in this beat store are mostly part of the zouk love subgenre. Ideal for singers who want to make a song about love. The romantic guitars, pianos and funky drums will give you inspiration all day long. So if you’re looking for instrumentals to make that number 1 lovesong, look no further! If you buy a zouk beat today, you’ll even get 3 beats for free! Simply add 4 of the same licenses to your cart and the bulk discount will be applied automatically.

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