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About Afrobeat

Afrobeat music is one of the most popular genres in the current worldwide music charts. Because big artists such as Beyoncé and Drake use afrobeat instrumentals, the genre is growing and becoming more mainstream. Contemporary influences are combined with the original afrobeat sound. A sound that’s originated by the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti in the 60s.

West African Highlife

Afrobeat music is inspired by West African highlife, a very bright and positive dance style. The dance is mostly performed on uplifting instrumentals with guitars and horn instruments. Fela Kuti mixed this sound with the African American music genres jazz and funk. This combination make afrobeat instrumentals very rhythmic and energetic.


Fela Kuti was very concerned with politics in most African countries in the 1960s. He used afrobeat music as the messenger for social change. His critisism was mainly focused on political injustice and corruption in the army. This made afrobeat music very controversial and provocotive. This message was supported by the African population.

Afrobeat percussion

Marimba, conga, djembe, wood blocks and bongos are examples of percussion instruments used in afrobeat music. Fast and polyrhythmic percussion are a big part of the ”energy” in afrobeat instrumentals. Besides that, the percussion sounds blend in perfectly with the guitars and funky synthesizers.

Afropop instrumentals

Nowadays, a lot of subgenres have evolved from the original afrobeat music. One of them is Afropop. In afropop instrumentals, the energetic afrobeat sound is combined with pop melodies. Examples of afropop are found in songs by (mostly Nigerian) singers such as Flavour and Adekunle Gold.

David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido) is currently one of the most popular afrobeat artists worldwide. You will probably know his songs called ”Fall”, ”Assurance” and ”Blow My Mind”. His original sound makes the Nigerian vocalist win multiple awards.

Afrotrap instrumentals


Another subgenre of afrobeat is called afrotrap. In most cases, afrotrap instrumentals are a little faster and more aggressive. Full brass sounds combined with energetic plucks give afrotrap instrumentals a very powerful sound. Examples of afrotrap are found in songs by European rappers such as MHD and Bonez MC.

In the UK afrobeat subgenre, afrobeat sounds are combined with Dancehall. The instrumentals have a laidback vybe and suit multiple flows. Examples of uk afrobeat are found in songs by rappers such as Yxng Bane and J Hus.

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